Jade Ninja is set to be released on Feb. 20th


Great news everyone, Jade Ninja is on the way to all of you!

Jade Ninja is determined to be released in Feb. 20. Get prepared for slashing ninjas like a hot knife through butter!

On debut, Jade Ninja will support 3 languages, including English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese. More details are coming soon.

You may visit Jade Ninja official website and follow the Master Tao to get the Jade Ninja news and announcements.

Bonnie’s Brunch 2 Statistics Analyzed


I would like to share some statistics of my latest game Bonnie’s Brunch 2 released on Nov. 29th, 2012. It is a simulation-strategy genre game designed particularly for female players.

It has been 2 months since Bonnie’s Brunch 2 was released. Although it does not make a big hit, the sales volume is decent and was once featured by Apple on New & Noteworthy category in 13 countries.

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Jade Ninja Preview

Jade Ninja is an iOS game we worked for entire 2 years. Now the development already comes close to final stage.

Jade Ninja is about to release in late January 2013. More information about Jade Ninja is coming soon.

Tell us what you think about Jade Ninja and stay tuned!


jade-ninja_preview-02 jade-ninja_preview-03

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