New Game Announced: Ogre Must Love

Monkey Potion proudly presents — Ogre Must Love — the most innovative LOVE SIM game you never played before.

  • Epic love story!
  • Stunning graphics!
  • Weirdest gameplay!
  • 45 beautiful locations to explore
  • 69+ skills, spells and curses to learn
  • 40+ male characters with full animations and voice-overs
  • 120+ different style costumes to collect
  • 13 heroic endings — become a warrior, a villain or a nerd — it’s all up to you!


OgreMustLove_02 OgreMustLove_03


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Why You Should Not Undervalue Traditional Chinese Mobile Gaming Market


(Image Courtesy:

Hello everyone, I’m Jheng Wei-Ciao from Monkey Potion, a Taiwan based independent game studio. You might wonder where “Taiwan” is. To many westerners not familiar with this country’s geography, Taiwan is often mistaken for Thailand, and vice versa. Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa) is located in the Pacific Ocean off the southeast coast of mainland China with the Taiwan Strait in between. It is a beautiful island nation with more than 23 million residents.

Over the past decade, MMOs certainly had their glory days here in Asia. At the time, many Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese game companies were founded, aiming to develop MMOs and successfully made a hit. Through the last couple of years, there was a tendency towarding creating web-based games and Facebook games. Nowadays MMOs have gone out of fashion, and the prevalence in gaming markets has shifted to mobile platforms.

As you know, China is a huge thriving market growing insanely fast. Although the ARPU in China may not be so good as in USA, downloads from China on App Store has reached world #1. So if you want to go global, you should seriously consider localizing your games into Simplified Chinese to have a better chance to acquire users in China.

What about other Chinese-speaking areas, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, where people use Traditional Chinese rather than Simplified Chinese? You might claim to deliver a Simplified Chinese version would be sufficient to cater to all Chinese-speaking users. But it is actually not.

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The Dilemma of Art Style

We are Monkey Potion studio. Our second game project is a fantasy-themed turn-based RPG. It’s still in the concept stage of development. We’re experimenting with various art styles to see what is the best fit for this game.

Style 1


Style 2



Which art style would you like to see and play in a turn-based mobile RPG? Please cast your vote.

UPDATE: We’ve made the decision. Time to start making an awesome game. Much appreciated for all of you! 🙂

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Jade Ninja v2.2 added iCloud support

Jade Ninja 2.2 is out now! We finally managed to add the iCloud support and fixed minor usability issue.

Also we localized the game description in French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish on iTunes. Now you can read the game description in 10 different languages if you can!


Jade Ninja is a COMBAT CENTRIC game, not a me-too obstacle evasion endless runner. So don’t have a wrong expectation with Jade Ninja. There’re exciting news on the way. Fellow ninja, stay tuned!

Merry Christmas! 😀

The New Daily Challenge Mode in Jade Ninja v2.1


Hi fellow ninjas!

We’re excited to bring you the new icon and the new Daily Challenge Mode in the latest update of Jade Ninja.

What’s new in version 2.1:

– Unlock the first stage in Shadow Mode to unlock Daily Challenge Mode
– Log in Game Center to play
– Challenge once a day
– Sudden death: one life point only
– Get 2x GOLD & COIN from treasure boxes
– Check out your ranking in the Daily Challenge Distance leaderboard

– He has higher dodge rates than any other character in normal status. When his life is low, he will turn into “berserker” to gain 3x critical rate and 2x dodge rates.

– Upgradable Lv13 Katana “Light Saber”
– Upgradable Lv13 Blade “Bloody Chainsaw”
– Upgradable Lv13 Spear “Holy Spear”
– Adjust the value and price for high level weapons

– Find the “Ninja Cat” hiding in the game, and you will have a chance to get FREE golds & coins!

– It includes the legendary thief, 80 golds and 20,000 coins — the best deal for novice ninjas!

– Exchange golds for 200,000 coins for your convenience

– Fix some minor usability issue
– Improve game performance

If you love Jade Ninja, please help us by rating it 5 stars and leave your comments on App Store.

You may send us your opinion to support [at] if you want to talk to Master Tao. Any suggestion and feedback is welcome. We seriously take care of all feedback and always reply each mail we got. We will work hard to bring you more challenging and interesting contents in the near future.

Thank you for all your support! 🙂

Jade Ninja has been featured on App Store!

Jade Ninja has been featured as “Best New Games” on App Store in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & 10+ countries!

It’s a great honor to be selected as one of the Best New Games by Apple iTunes Store. Thank you for all your support from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Italy, USA & Taiwan! We will keep on bringing you more contents!

Jade Ninja has been featured as “Made in Taiwan Games” on App Store!

And it has been picked as one of the “Available in Chinese” featured games!


What’s upcoming in the next update (v2.1):

  • Daily Challenge Mode
  • New character: The Great Warlord
  • New purchasable and upgradable items
  • New “Starter Kit” purchasable item

Download Jade Ninja for FREE:

“Don’t run. Protect.”

Jade Ninja Gameplay Video

Someone suggested that the Boss Fights in Jade Ninja are too hard to play. Yes, we admit the fights are really tough, but not impossible. The first video shows how you can beat the first boss “Shadow Ninja” with Lv6 weapons, even when you have only 1 life point left you can still win!


  • Katana Lv6
  • Blade Lv6
  • Spear Lv6
  • Scroll of Life
  • Scroll of Energy
  • Jade of Rage

To beat the Boss “Greedy Officer”, you have to slashing enemies more carefully because he will call a group of innocent people out when he is harmed.

What does it look like when you reach over 10,000m in Jade Ninja? 10K run is not impossible. It is the beginning of way of Tao.

Listen the Original Sound Tracks on SoundCloud: