Side stories for Project Legion


Yes you can!


“On your knees!”


That’s only a part of truth.


Optimistic dwarves?

Project Legion (tentative name) is a turn-based fantasy RPG developed for iOS and Android. Coming in late 2014.

We’ll reveal the gameplay and detailed info very soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

New Game Announced: Ogre Must Love

Monkey Potion proudly presents — Ogre Must Love — the most innovative LOVE SIM game you never played before.

  • Epic love story!
  • Stunning graphics!
  • Weirdest gameplay!
  • 45 beautiful locations to explore
  • 69+ skills, spells and curses to learn
  • 40+ male characters with full animations and voice-overs
  • 120+ different style costumes to collect
  • 13 heroic endings — become a warrior, a villain or a nerd — it’s all up to you!


OgreMustLove_02 OgreMustLove_03


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The Dilemma of Art Style

We are Monkey Potion studio. Our second game project is a fantasy-themed turn-based RPG. It’s still in the concept stage of development. We’re experimenting with various art styles to see what is the best fit for this game.

Style 1


Style 2



Which art style would you like to see and play in a turn-based mobile RPG? Please cast your vote.

UPDATE: We’ve made the decision. Time to start making an awesome game. Much appreciated for all of you! 🙂

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Game Description & Screenshots in Japanese




jadeninja_screenshot_s1 jadeninja_screenshot_s2 jadeninja_screenshot_s3 jadeninja_screenshot_s4 jadeninja_screenshot_s5








  • 和風のステージ:瓦葺屋根、古戦場、崩壊した神社などの和風シーン満載
  • 操作簡単:スライドだけで武器を変えて敵を倒すことができる
  • 個性溢れるキャラ:忍者娘、侍娘、巫女や刺客を追手から守れ
  • ユニークな敵キャラ:忍者、盗賊、剣士、僧侶、幽霊、赤鬼、ドグロ将軍など20種以上の敵が登場
  • 忍の武器で敵を倒す:常に変化する戦場の中で、瞬時に武器を切り替え敵を倒そう
  • 古の勾玉を集める:勾玉を装備して特殊能力を手に入れよう
  • 忍術奥義:5つの巻物を使い分け敵軍を殲滅
  • シャドーモード:忍の技を挑戦し、マスターの道へ進もう
  • 敵を「一刀両断」する爽快感






About Magatama and Jade


Do you know what is Magatama (勾玉)?

Magatama (勾玉), less frequently (曲玉), are curved, comma-shaped beads that appeared in prehistoric Japan from the Final Jōmon period through the Kofun period, approximately ca. 1,000 BC to the 6th century AD.


The Magatama You May Know

The origin of Magatama forms still remains a mystery. Here are some alternative explanations:

  • Magatama may be fashioned after animal fangs/teeth.
  • Magatama may be modeled after the shape of fetuses.
  • Magatama could symbolize the shape of the soul.
  • Magatama may be modeled after the shape of the moon.

A combination of two Magatama was said to resemble the symbol of Taichi.


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Screenshots in Jade Ninja

Don’t Run. Protect.

Ninjas, must endure what others can not. To protect the beloved one, we choose to join Jade Ninja.

“When you become a Jade Ninja, will you protect her at all costs?”

jadeninja_screenshot1 jadeninja_screenshot2 jadeninja_screenshot3 jadeninja_screenshot4 jadeninja_screenshot5

Game Features:

  • Japanese-style Stage Settings: Fighting on the Japanese tile roof, desolate battlefield and abandoned temple.
  • Distinctive Characters: Protect Ninja Girl, Samurai Girl, Witch & Assassin from attacking enemies.
  • Various Opponents: 20+ types of enemy including ninja, bandit, swordsman, monk, ghost, skeleton shogun, red oni and a lot more.
  • Armed with Ninja Weapons: Performing a balancing act on the choice between Katana, Blade & Spear.
  • Unleash Ninja Powers: 5 types of powerful scroll help you annihilate enemies.
  • Collect Mystic Jades: 5 unlockable jades to gain extra Ninja Abilities.
  • Shadow Mode: Challenging levels for players who want to be a Jade Ninja Master.

Feel the thrill of slashing enemies as blisteringly as a hot knife through butter!

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese

If you’re interested in writing a preview for Jade Ninja, you may download the Press Kit in our official site. More news are coming. Stay tuned!