Game on Weekend 2015 in Kaohsiung

We just came back from Game on Weekend 2015 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, which is such a wonderful event for indie game developers! We not only got a lot of positive feedback and also are amazed by the people we met. Because they truly love the game and had a good time in playing it!

gow15_01 gow15_02 gow15_03 gow15_04 gow15_05

We know that our release plan had been postponed. But no worry, it will be done when it’s done. We will try our best to bring you a great game to play. 😀


Monkey Potion at Casual Connect Asia

We are Monkey Potion, an independent game studio based in Taiwan. This was our first time attending Casual Connect and Indie Showcase. It was a great pleasure having the opportunity to introduce our game to overseas players and game publishers. It was also an awesome experience to communicate with so many indie developers who came from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and other countries.


Interestingly enough, I found that most of the exhibits by indies are iOS or PC games, while almost all publishers participated in this event were looking for Android games exclusively. Why was that? In my humble opinion, I think it is because iOS is more indie-friendly, whereas Android is more approachable for publishers. Indie iOS game developers don’t need to spend too much time on tweaking their games to be applied to various device configurations, or to worry about how to integrate different billing systems in different markets.

On the other hand, publishers can get more benefits or make more profit by building their own platforms to release Android games on their own markets. By doing so, They can easily provide users alternative payment options such as prepaid cards and PayPal. Moreover, if they have more bargaining power, they can even get revenue share better than 70/30. That is one critical reason why most local publishers prefer releasing Android games than iOS games, especially in China and Korea.

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Agarie Ryo’s Game Design Workshop in Taiwan

It’s totally my pleasure to be able to join Agarie Ryo’s Game Design Workshop course in Tainan, Taiwan. Agarie is one of the creators of Tengami, a very unique Japanese style independent game about to be released in Fall 2013.

In the workshop, we had to investigate the target audience first, and design a game from the start for the audience. For just 2 days, our team managed to create 2 prototypes designed for elder persons. The first one is a game about collecting teapots, and the second one is a “real life” car driving game.

ryo_01Let’s get started!

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Jade Ninja will be shown on Casual Connect Asia

We are so excited to announce that Jade Ninja has been selected as one of the Indie Showcase title in Casual Connect Asia!

casual-connect-asia jade-ninja-indie-prize

Independent developers are the cornerstone of the casual games industry. Creativity flows from indie developers at a rate unmatched by larger studios to provide a wide range of games for all platforms. Come listen to the stories and accomplishments from the very best regional indies.

We are indies. We believe in indies. We love making games. If you are in Singapore, please come visit us during May 21 – 23 in Shangri-La Hotel. 🙂