Debut at Taipei Game Show


This is the debut for our Project Legion at Taipei Game Show Indie Game Festa. We met a lot of friends and had such a great time! :D


Project Legion update


Hey, it’s been a while we did not post any update.

The picture is our task board. Most tasks were put on “Task Done” area. Good sign, isn’t it? :)

Working through a whole year of 2014, the development process of Project Legion is finally coming to an end. It is on the “Polish” phase now.

The release date and its official name will be announced later. More details about the game are coming soon too. Cheers!

New Game Announced: Ogre Must Love

Monkey Potion proudly presents — Ogre Must Love — the most innovative LOVE SIM game you never played before.

  • Epic love story!
  • Stunning graphics!
  • Weirdest gameplay!
  • 45 beautiful locations to explore
  • 69+ skills, spells and curses to learn
  • 40+ male characters with full animations and voice-overs
  • 120+ different style costumes to collect
  • 13 heroic endings — become a warrior, a villain or a nerd — it’s all up to you!


OgreMustLove_02 OgreMustLove_03


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Why You Should Not Undervalue Traditional Chinese Mobile Gaming Market


(Image Courtesy:

Hello everyone, I’m Jheng Wei-Ciao from Monkey Potion, a Taiwan based independent game studio. You might wonder where “Taiwan” is. To many westerners not familiar with this country’s geography, Taiwan is often mistaken for Thailand, and vice versa. Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa) is located in the Pacific Ocean off the southeast coast of mainland China with the Taiwan Strait in between. It is a beautiful island nation with more than 23 million residents.

Over the past decade, MMOs certainly had their glory days here in Asia. At the time, many Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese game companies were founded, aiming to develop MMOs and successfully made a hit. Through the last couple of years, there was a tendency towarding creating web-based games and Facebook games. Nowadays MMOs have gone out of fashion, and the prevalence in gaming markets has shifted to mobile platforms.

As you know, China is a huge thriving market growing insanely fast. Although the ARPU in China may not be so good as in USA, downloads from China on App Store has reached world #1. So if you want to go global, you should seriously consider localizing your games into Simplified Chinese to have a better chance to acquire users in China.

What about other Chinese-speaking areas, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, where people use Traditional Chinese rather than Simplified Chinese? You might claim to deliver a Simplified Chinese version would be sufficient to cater to all Chinese-speaking users. But it is actually not.

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The Dilemma of Art Style

We are Monkey Potion studio. Our second game project is a fantasy-themed turn-based RPG. It’s still in the concept stage of development. We’re experimenting with various art styles to see what is the best fit for this game.

Style 1


Style 2



Which art style would you like to see and play in a turn-based mobile RPG? Please cast your vote.

UPDATE: We’ve made the decision. Time to start making an awesome game. Much appreciated for all of you! :)

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Jade Ninja v2.2 added iCloud support

Jade Ninja 2.2 is out now! We finally managed to add the iCloud support and fixed minor usability issue.

Also we localized the game description in French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish on iTunes. Now you can read the game description in 10 different languages if you can!


Jade Ninja is a COMBAT CENTRIC game, not a me-too obstacle evasion endless runner. So don’t have a wrong expectation with Jade Ninja. There’re exciting news on the way. Fellow ninja, stay tuned!

Merry Christmas! :D